Why Blenheim is a great working town?

Yeah! You heard me! I do like Blenheim and I will tell you why it is pretty decent to live here to save some money and still live good.

I got pretty lucky with the people I met here, but I’m sure you will have the same luck if you hang out in the Grapevine Hostel 😜.

Why Blenheim?


Well, it’s pretty easy to find a job in New Zealand if you really look for it and if you are willing to do everything.

The best way to do it is to pass through accomodation, hostels or temp agencies..

They know the vineyards contractors or the factories. And there are plenty of thes here.

Choose between working with beautiful views outside and do physical work (but no guarantee to work a lot of hours due to the rain) or some indoor hours of repetitiv work?

The good plan is the bottle factory where you can have some free wine at the end of your week 😎😇

Ready to work hard?

Alright now the fun parts 🙂


Blenheim has some amazing place to eat in. These are my favourites:

– The Burleigh, the best PIE of New Zealand is definitly here. The blue cheese and steak, the pork belly or the truffle and cheese are just mind blowing!

For 12 $ you’ll have 2 huge pies. Open only for lunch guys!

For the French who are craving French food, they have real saucisson and cheese 😎😍

– Best sushi in town, SAKIM is a great and affordable choice for the fresh rolls lovers! Open only for lunch as well.

– For the veggie lovers that you are, the best place is the farmer’s market, Saturday and Sunday morning.

Very cheap and way better than the supermarket ones! Eat local guys!

I highly recommand the Kaikoura’s cheese store over there, where you can taste everything 😍😍

The Brancott Estate Winery

You like wine but you are broke?

This winery suggest 5 or 10 $ tasting sessions! The glasses of the 10$ one are just amazing!

Brancott Estate blenheim

The place is beautiful and you can always ask to try an other wine who tickled your curiosity.

The tasting is free if you buy a bottle 😉



If it’s sunny, the best place to hang out is this brewery! They have some great strong beers and you can spend the afternoon there with their tastings session (6 beers to try). They have food as well!

The Yard Bar.

I’ve been way too many time to this bar, but it’s because it is quite awesome! Only place to open late and where you can dance like crazy. Live bands and dj sessions the week end and Open Mic Thursday!

Look how it can sounds :p :

A lot of fun and a beer for 6$ (price in 2018)

– The Pool : No it is not a party place but the best spot to be for the hangover day.

Only 5$ for swimming and using the hot tub! And I highly recommand the steam room and sauna for 10$ to really detox 🙂

Blenheim coucher de soleil

So come on and try to live in Blenheim.

Take a room in the Grapevine Hostel, go kayaking on the river, watch a sunset with a cold beer in your hand and maybe just like me you will feel home 🙂

Blenheim grapevine hostel river

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